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Daily Schedule

Before School - Teachers and aides set up school for the children to provide for a variety of activities. Art supplies, paints, learning games, and centers are ready before the children arrive at school.

Greeting - Each child is greeted by the teacher in a warm and friendly way.

Circle - This is a time for discussion, informal conversation, sharing of ideas, share and tell, songs, social students, science and/or math activities, calendar, weather, roll, and plans for the day.

Activity Period - This period, often called free play, is a time in which children decide for themselves what they want to do.  They move freely from one activity to another using the materials as they wish to use them. Activities include:

  • block building, trucks, animals, people

  • housekeeping center

  • paints, finger paints, play dough, gadgets for stamping

  • art table - there is a planned art project each day, the children are called to the art table during free play

  • collage materials

  • science materials such as: magnasticks, pets, insects, magnifying glass, measuring containers, and natural resources

  • blackboards and felt boards                                                         

  • puppet theatre

  • water table

  • learning games

  • doll house

Clean up and Snack - Children snack together and learn about good eating habits, nutrition, and table manners.

Outdoor play - Children enjoy the playground and riding toys.

Readiness - (discussed under curriculum)


Story Time- The children are seated comfortably in front of the teacher. Some stories are used to correspond with the teaching units of the month. Stories are also selected for dramatization for other special interests of the children.


Music - Activities include rhythm, musical instruments, singing, dancing, and free movement.


Sharing - Children bring something from home to share and tell the other children about (scheduled for a certain day of the week).


Closing - Papers are passed out and we sing the "Goodbye Song."