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Instructional Program


Potomac Nursery School has developed a planned instructional program consistent with its philosophy and objectives. The "Program Guide", accessed using the "link" above,  provides details about the written curriculum guide.

Teachers at Potomac Nursery School are trained in the field of Early Childhood
Education and employ methods, techniques, and procedures appropriate for pre-school classes. These methods, techniques, and procedures are consistent with our school philosophy and objectives.

The basis of our evaluation of the instructional program at Potomac Nursery
School is to insure that we employ the best methods, techniques, and procedures to fulfill the goals and objectives of our nursery school program.

We use the following evaluation techniques, which serve as the basis of our evaluations. The frequency of evaluation is noted beside each technique, as well as the agency or personnel involved.

  • Potomac Nursery School, Inc. Program Guide

  • yearly teacher self-evaluation form

  • yearly evaluation of each teacher by director

  • daily observation of teacher and students by director

  • open door observation policy to encourage parents to observe, comment and critique

  • yearly evaluation by State Department of Education

  • annual written parental evaluation

  • parental comments at parent-teacher conferences each January or upon request by a parent any time


We use a variety of methods to follow up on the information gathered during each of the

above evaluation techniques. At the heart of each method is a planned, orderly

corrective action program to improve the instructional program. For example, if a

parent-teacher conference indicates that the child's language skills need

improvements, we record that problem and direct our attention to that area.