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PNS Reviews

Below are  thoughtful letters and notes from parents, grandparents, guardians and friends of PNS.  We appreciate your  input, value your suggestions and thank you for your many years of support.


Potomac Nursery School offers a warm and nurturing atmosphere for your child's first school experience.  the entire staff has a passion for preschool children and their happiness and success.  The teachers are creative, outgoing, and nurturing. The owner is approachable and friendly.  She and the rest of the staff are great to work with.

Both of my daughters have attended Potomac Nursery School over the past four years.  The school offers a curriculum that is the right balance of play-based activities and developmentally-appropriate instruction.  The children engage in early literacy activities while having the chance to interact socially with peers.

Every parent is concerned about whether his/her child will be ready for kindergarten.  After attending Potomac Nursery School, my daughter had the background skills and love of literacy to make amazing progress in kindergarten. By the end of her kindergarten year, she was above-grade-level in reading.  My younger daughter is in her last year at Potomac Nursery School, and I know she is well prepared for kindergarten as well.

My husband and I are both in the education field.  He is a third grade teacher, and I am a supervisor of curriculum for a highly respected school system in the Washington, D.C. area.  We highly endorse Potomac Nursery School.  Potomac Nursery School masters the art of encouraging and exciting kids to have happy and fun days, to enjoy school, and to love learning.

Siobhan Alexander


This is the most wonderful place that a child could dream of starting their school career.  The teachers are warm and nurturing.  Both of my kids have nothing but happy memories of their nursery school experience.  They played, they laughed, they learned A LOT!  They play outside everyday, they complete beautiful art projects, they learn songs accompanied by a piano.  I could go on and on.

Katherine S.


We, too, had a great experience at PNS.  I first looked at this school because it was close to my neighborhood.  When I visited for the first time, I stopped a couple of moms in the parking lot and interrogated them.  Both were thrilled with the school and one mom had sent 3 kids there.  My child attended PNS for 2 years and had such a positive experience.  There was a good balance of experienced teachers and newer teachers, along with excellent assistants..  The school was well-run and, with only 2 main large classes, I felt that the staff truly knew my child. I was looking for a place that put emphasis on social and emotional development as well as "academics." The atmosphere was always positive and I saw a lot of growth in my child.  The physical space is also great - open, airy rooms and very nice outdoor play areas.

Karen L


What does a kid need out of nursery school?  Nurturing, emotional development, socializing with peers and of course learning.  Potomac Nursery School has all of this and more.  It is truly a special place of warmth and nurturing that is hard to find.  It is a gem!!!

Amy B


I am 42 years old and my siblings went to this nursery school and then my children went to this nursery school.  How amazing is that! Potomac Nursery School is the warmest most nurturing place that you can imagine for your child.  That's why the teachers have been there for years and years and are thoroughly experienced and provide such a special atmosphere for learning.  I wouldn't think of sending my kids anywhere else!!

Submitted by a parent


Potomac Nursery School is exactly what a preschool should be!!!  My middle and youngest sons attended this school; I'm just sad that I didn't know of PNS when my oldest was of preschool age. The teachers are amazing, and the Director and Owner are top notch!  The children are encouraged to play, interact, learn, and explore in a caring and creative environment. As an educator myself, I cannot say enough great things about the extraordinary education that my children received at PNS!!!

Submitted by a parent


Our family has truly enjoyed Potomac Nursery School over the past few years, as both of my children went there and it was a terrific place for playing, learning, and socializing with peers.  The teachers and staff are very bright and caring and there's always a welcome atmosphere there.  It also has a very convenient location right off of Falls Road!  A wonderful preschool and daycare/aftercare program all together.

Jan P.